As of today my miserable handicap is 16ish. Not that it matters, but it gives some perspective. About 40 years ago I was ready to throw my driver in a fairway pond...my hair started smoking I was so mad, and why?... yea, shanked one. Now my score looked like 110 rather than 109. Big deal.

So I thought ( a rarity) ...why did I spend all that money on clubs, and $20 for the round only to drive myself to the brink of insanity? hmm....good question. At that point, life changed...for the better. If you can relate to this, here are some ways I've learned to enjoy the game.

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9th annual last trip to Thailand

5 Sep (Sat) thru 16 Sep (Wed) 2015

In about 2-3 weeks I'll make the tee time bookings, and probably before that I'll pick up a ticket to Bangkok. You might think about checking flights, or if you haven't yet decided if this is the trip for you, then you should give it some serious thought.

Right now 9 golfers are confirmed, but there is a short list of "penciled in players" so one way or another it'll be a good group.

1) I suggest going to the Trip Details page to review the schedule, how to get through Bangkok's airport, review a list of suggested things to pack, etc.

2) The Players page gives an unofficial list of who is coming, and some insightful perceptions of each one.

Weekly Notes....

Interesting days in Tokyo...

Played yesterday with Ron, Young, and Bill - a great group that whacks a variety of good and bad shots, but that is consistent in having a lot of fun in the process. I think we all shot reasonably well, but then we weren't paying too much attention to the score. Young provided some baked sweet potatoes for energy and somehow it really seemed to work wonders.

Aaron, a school teacher talked to me about his experience golfing in Phuket, Thailand a couple of months ago...great courses, and of course you can't beat the area, but a bit pricey. Still, an experience worth trying. Because we go during the off-season and I play on each courses Sports Day, our green fees are a fraction of other locations, so that's nice.

Fortunately, my golf proficiency has not dropped off too much during May-Jun when I'm focused more on improving cardio (morning 2hr hikes) rather than frequenting the chipping green and Par 3 before work. This phase will last for another two weeks, then shift to improving my golf swing tempo during that same 2 hr time block.

Getting old has great advantages, like boarding airplances as a senior citizen, using handicapped parking without question, etc. But at the same time, muscle tone seems to disappear overnight, and swing memory is, aaah, well... I forget.

I've changed the course line-up a bit. St Andrews 2000 on Sunday will cost almost $150, which is an awlful lot for that course...so it's not included. There is not a Sports Day for Siam courses on Tuesday, so I've added Khao Kheow the first Tuesday, moved Laem Chabang into the next Tuesday slot and added Pleasant Valley to Thursday. The end result of all this is playing Siam Old and Siam Waterside only once each, while adding Khao Kheow and Pleasant Valley to the schedule.

What I read
...now in paperback

The Foursome
by Troon McAllister

Troon McAllister
The Foursome
The Green
Rick Reilly
Missing Links
Shanks for Nothing
J. Michael Veron
The Greatest Course That Never Was
the Greatest Player Who Never Lived
The Caddie
Bob Mitchell
Match Made In Heaven
Philip Reed
In Search of the Greatest Golf Swing
James Patterson & Peter de Jong
Miracle on the 17th Green

Golf fiction’s finest hustler— Eddie Caminetti—returns in a laugh-out-loud novel featuring a foursome of upwardly mobile golf fanatics who get their just rewards. Mixing equal parts of suspense, hilarity, and raw human drama, Troon McAllister deftly shows readers what can happen when money, friendship, ambition, and greed converge explosively in a single round of golf.


A Golfer's Life
by Arnold Palmer

Pictures from Golf Trip III, VII, and VIII.


Below are some more pictures of the Sabai Resort, where we plan to stay in 2014. Rooms are nice, the pool is great!

11 nights at the Sabai is aprox $770 (private poolside rooms pictured above)


Want to know your USGA handicap, for free? Here's a little program I created to do just that. Download the Handicapper (shown at the right).

For a lot of additional trip details please click here.